Earlier today I posted a picture at my bookstagram account (@thelittlebooknerdy) where I talked about writing but I felt like I wanted to talk more about it I decided to write a blogpost about it as well.

I´ve loved writing as long as I´ve known how to do it and over the years I´ve written short stories, poems, novels, fanfictions and fantasy books. I love to create stories and to write them down, to connect with people using words of ink on paper. But I easily loose inspiration for my stories after a while and I´m almost never able to finish my longer stories so how do you find the inspiration? What do you do when you really want to write but don´t have any ideas? I find my inspiration for writing in many different ways, mostly by reading books, by reading other peoples stories. But also in many other ways, so I made a list of the best ones.

  • Taking long baths and just think of what i want to write.
  • Look at pictures on pinterest, it honestly helps A LOT.
  • To write in a different place. Leave your home, go to a cafe or to the forest or a library and sit down and just write.
  • Write anyway, ignore if it dosen´t turn out good, you can always change it later!
  • Talk about other people about what you´re writing, maybe it feels a little bit scary but it helps a lot and makes you much more excited to continue writing!

I hope this post helped you and made you more excited about writing!