BookTubeAThon 2017

It´s that time of the year again: it´s time for BooktubeAThon, a week-long read a ton (which basically is like christmas for the online book community)  hosted by Ariel Bissett and you have no idea about how excited I´m. I simply love how the online bok community comes together during this week and tries to read as much as possible and simply celebrate books. I feel like it just makes me so excited to read and it´s a great way to discover new books. If you never have heard about BookTubeAThon before and think it sounds interesting, you can read more about it here.

Without further ado, here´s the books that I´m planning (hoping) to read:

1. Read a book with a person on the  cover

For this challenge, I´m going to read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I´ve wanted to read this book since it first came out so I´m really excited to finally read it. I ordered it almost a week ago and it still hasen´t arrived though so I´m starting to get a little bit worried that it won´t arrive before the Read a Thon is over.

2. Finish a book in one day

Well, if I want to manage to read 7 books during this week, I´ll kind of have to finish every book in one day but i´m choosing Just Kids by Patti Smith for this challenge. I stumbled over an audio book copy of this book (with Patti Smith herself as the narrator) at the library the other day and i thought it seemed to be interesting so I decided to borrow it. It´s 9 hours long so it will take me a little while to listen to it but hey, it´s BookTubeAThon, the whole point of it is to spend a lot of time reading (or in this case listening to) books.

3. Read a hyped book

For this challenge I´m choosing A Monster calls by Patrick Ness. It seems to be a great book (and it´s REALLY hyped) and a pretty quick read so it´s perfect for a read a ton.

4. Read about a character that is very different from you

I´m actually still not completely sure what to read for this challenge but probably The Underdog by Markus Zusak.

5. Finish a book completely outdoors

Fragmented Bliss by Benita Jenniefer, I got a review copy of this book sent to me by the author and I can´t wait to read it. It´s a pretty short poetry book so it should´t be too hard to finish completely outdoors and for some reason i think that poetry books are the perfect books to read outside.

6. Read a book you got because of the cover

Okay, I didn´t only get Lady Susan by Jane Austen because of the cover (I also got it because she´s one of my favorite authors) but 80% of the reason I got it was the cover.

Just look at it!!!



7. Read seven books

The seventh book that I´m hoping to read is Harmonies of War by Ruby Fitzgerald. This is yet another book that I´ve received a review copy of and I´m obviously really excited to read it.

Are only of you guys participating in the Booktube a Thon reading challenge? 

Unpopular opinions book tag 

Hello everyone! I know that I haven’t posted anything here for a little while and the thing is that I’ve actually had a lot of time to write blog posts but I’ve been in Italy and I didn’t had any Wi-Fi (except for a few minutes every now and then at cafes and restaurants). So yeah, because of this, I wasn’t able to upload any of the blog posts that I wrote. However, I do have Wi-Fi now and I’ll try to post at least twice a week for the rest of my summer vacation. Okay, I’ll stop ramble now and get to the actual blog post.

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Books that made me cry

Books that made me cry

One of the things I love the most about reading is that it makes us feel things. They makes us happy and sad, they makes us laugh and cry. And isn´t it just a proof that the book is well written if it makes you feel things? So today I´m going to talk about some of the books that have made me cry.

Harry Potter- Well, I cried a lot while reading these books. Both of happiness and sadness, specially while reading the last four books in the series.Goodreads synopsis

All the Bright Places– THIS BOOK BROKE MY HEART! I cried rivers of tears when reading it and I still become a little bit sad every time I think of the book. Goodreads synopsis

The Book Thief- This possibly the book that have made me cry the most of all the books that I´ve ever read. Mostly because it was so sad, but it also made me cry of happiness. Goodreads synopsis

A Torch Against the Night- This book made me cry a lot, and not of happiness. It was heartbreaking. But I loved it, and I can´t wait for the next book in the series to come out so I can cry a little more over my beloved characters. Goodreads synopsis  My book review of it

Which books made you cry?


Hello guys, today I want to talk to you about bookworm problems. It’s amazing to be a bookworm, but being a bookworm also comes with some problems and I’ve made a list of the most problematic ones. 
1. When your bookshelf gets too small. It happens to all of us sometimes. The books are so many and the bookshelf is so small. There’s no place left! And no, you can’t just throw some of them away, that would be like killing someone!

2. Waiting in months for a book to be released. Why can’t it just be released the day I want it to?! I can’t wait for three more months!

3. Starting to cry in public because your favorite character just died. And everyone starts to stare at you as if you was insane…

4. When you want to by a new book so bad. And your heart says yes but your wallet says no.

5. “Do you like reading? So you don’t have any friends or a social life?” Of course I’ve friends! Fictional ones…