The Secret History

It´s Friday, which means a new blog post so here´s a review of an amazing book that I finished earlier this week.

Title: The Secret History

Author: Donna Tartt


Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality they slip gradually from obsession to corruption and betrayal, and at last – inexorably – into evil.

This is a book that shows the humans true nature, the evil that can become of people and how our decisions changes us. It´s about beauty and destruction.


This is the first Donna Tartt book that I´ve ever read but I fell in love with her writing already at the first few pages.

Sure, it was a little bit slow sometimes and I can understand why some people think that the plot is boring but I personally loved it!

Donna Tartts writing style is beautiful, mysterious and kind of elegant even. She makes you feel like you where there with the characters, watching them and knowing them. She made me believe in everything she wrote.

So, I loved her writing but more did I loved about this book? One of the other things that I loved was the characers, they were complex, real and interesting. In many reviews of this book that I´ve read the people who don´t like the book that they don´t like the charcters because they are selfish and snobby. But that´s the point; the main characters aren´t MEANT to be any perfect heroes in this book and I love it. They all also developed and changed throught the book, the characters you met in the beginning of the book was not exactly the same as the ones that you said goodbye to in the end of it.

The book also told us how different events can change a person which I found really interesting to read about.

You never new what was going to happen next, Donna Tartt never stopped surprising you, which is worth a star by itself.

I often read many fantasy books or just ya-books in general which are all very simillar to each other, but The Secret History isn´t simillar to anything that I´ve ever read before and i love Donna Tartt for that

This book was beautiful, and terrifying and I truly loved it.

Stars: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Have any of you read this book?


Let it Snow-review

Title: Let it Snow

Authors: John Green, Lauren Myracle and Mauren Johnsson


It´s Christmas Eve and the worst blizzard for fifty years is howling outside the windows in the small town Gracetown which has been buried in snow.

A lonely girl is walking in the deep snow after stepping off a stranded train, unaware about what soon is going to happen.

The always so silent Waffle House will get unexpected visitors and The Dukes DVD night will be interrupted for a stupid Twister mission in the middle of the nigh.

A lovesick Starbucks workers early morning shift will determine the fate of a teacup pig and maybe also her own.


I really liked the first novel but I felt like it just went down after that.

I loved how all the stories was set in the same small town and how you met the same characters from the town in the different stories. So although it was 3 different stories, it all came together to one story in the end.

The first story was really sweet and cute and I really liked the characters although it was quite predictable… The second story was a typical John Green book with a nerdy boy as main character who falls in love with his childhood friend (in this case she´s called The Duke although it isn´t her real name) and I enjoyed it but it isn´t really a new favorite of mine. I honestly didn´t liked the last story at all, the main character just felt so annoying and the  writing style isn´t really a favorite of mine.

I read this book during Christmas and it really got me into the Christmas spirit so that was great and made me enjoy the book much more but I´m not sure what I had thought about the book if i had read it during another time of the year.

I really would recommend this book if you want a cute and Christmassy read but be prepared that it will be quite cheesy…

I would give 4/5 stars to the first story, 3.5/5 stars to the second story, 2/5 stars to the last one and 3/5 stars to the whole book.

★★★ 3/5 Stars!