Becoming a reader

Books and reading has always been a big part of my life. My parents used to read out loud to me before I could read by myself and I always longed after the day when I would know how to read. I remember when my little sister was newborn and I would sit in our big old armchair and “read” to her. I obviously could´t read, I just looked at the drawings in the book and made up stories about them.

When I was a little bit older, maybe four or five years old, my dad started to teach me how to read and write. A little while later I read my first “real” book by myself. It was a book by Astrid Lingren and I probably loved every single one of the 200-something pages. I remember rereading it over and over again.

And then I turned seven and borrowed Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone at my local library. It was the best and most magical book I had ever read and has made such a huge impact on me and my life. During that summer, I basically did not do anything but read Harry Potter.  I read in bed late at night, on the beach in the warm summer sun and in the car. The Harry Potter books made me laugh and cry, they made me love reading even more and if it wane´t for them, I probably never would have started this book blog.

And since then, I´ve continued reading more and more books. I even feel like for every year that passes, I just start loving books even more and they keep becoming a bigger part of my life. There´s this quote that goes something like “We read to feel like we´re less alone” (I can´t remember where it is from though) and I can really relate to that. Reading makes me feel less alone, and I´m very thankful for that.



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