Goodnight stories for rebel girls-book review

I pre-ordered Goodnight stories for rebel girls before it got released last year because I was so excited about it and I have wanted to read it ever since then. But for some reason, I never started to actually read it before last week when I finally picked it up and finished it over a day. Here´s my little review of it.

Tittle: Goodnight stories for rebel girls

Authors: Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

About the book:

Illustrated by 60 different artists from all around the globe, Goodnight stories for rebel girls tells the stories of one hundred remarkable and extraordinary women who has made an impact on the world. From Cleopatra and Hypatia to Michelle Obama and Serena and Venus Williams. It tells the stories about artists, queens, activists, suffragettes, fighters, athletes, scientists, models, singers, doctors, politicians, mathematicians and so many more different kinds of people. They have 2 things in common though: all of them are women and all of them deserves their own place in history books.


I cannot explain my love for this book, it features such a diverse collection of women, they have different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and sexualities. There are trans women, disabled women, HBTQ+ women and women of colour.  There are women from around the world and across time.

It tells the stories about the people we tend to forget to talk about in the history books; the women. This book finally shows that there has been so many  strong women who have made such huge impacts on the world during history.

There is many women in this book that i had barely even heard of before reading Goodnight stories for rebel girls. And it was so interesting to get to know more about all these powerful women.

It´s also so inspiring, reading these stories makes you want to go out and freaking change the world. Because if they can do it, why can´t you?

I also wanna say that although the book is named “Goodnight stories for rebel girls“, I feel like everyone, regardless of age or gender, should read this books. This is the kind of book I wish you read in school.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

You can read more about the book and also order it (if you think it sounds interesting) here

Thank you so much for reading this review! Which woman inspires you?



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