April wrap up and favorites

Hello people! Since April now is over, I thought it would be fun to write a blog post about the books I read during the month and at the same time talk about some other things that I´ve been really obsessed with this month (music, bookstagram accounts and random bookish stuff). Without further ado, let´s get started!

Wrap up

The Little Friend by Donna TarttIMG_6817      ★★★ 3/5 stars

I personally love the way Donna Tartt writes and plays with the words and all her books feels like small pieces of art. I also really loved the characters in  this book, specially the main character; Harriet. I think she´s a very real and interesting character and i really enjoyed to read about her thoughts and opinions. But (there´s always a but)  although I really enjoyed some aspects  of the book, I personally felt like the plot was too slow. There was hundreds of pages with no more than beautifully writing. Nothing happened and that made me lose interest very easily.

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys                                                                                                        ★★★★ 4/5  stars

This book tells such an important story, about the ship Wilhelm Gustloff that sank during WW2. Or more specific, the people on the ship. I would really recommend everyone to read this book because the story it tells needs to be heard. I also really loved the characters. You can find my review of the book here.

IMG_7066Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater                                                  ★★★★✯ 4.5/5 stars

I probably loved this book even more than the earlier ones in the series, I love how magical and dreamy it was and I the characters are simply amazing.

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton                                                       ★★★✯  3.5/5 stars

I loved that the book was set in the desert and the feminist aspects of the book was great. But except from that, it was pretty much like most YA fantasy books. So yeah, it was enjoyable but nothing outstanding.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak                                                                                                                                                              ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

This was my second time reading The Book Thief and I probably enjoyed it even more then the first time I read it. I can´t even describe my love for this book in words so you will just have to go and read it by yourself (what are you waiting for??? Go and read it!!) because this book is a work of art.

April favortites

Here are some music, bookstagram accounts and random bookish things that I´ve been really obsessed with during April.


Simon and Garfunkel

I´m literally obsessed with their music and I listen to it almost every day. The lyrics are so beautiful and I just can´t stop listen to their music. Some of my favorites of their songs are The Sound of Silence, America, Leaves that are Green, Homeward Bound, Kathy´s song and The only living boy in New York. And you need to listen to Voices of old People.

The Hamilton Mixtape

I was so happy when I discovered The Hamilton Mixtape on Spotify back in Januaryand it´s literally so addictive so I´ve been listening a lot to it during April. It´s a mixtape album featuring the Hamilton songs sang by different famous artists (and some new songs!), and although it isn´t the same thing as the original songs, I really like to listen to them.  My favorite songs on it are (probably) Cabinet Battle 3, Dear Theodoisa, Immigrants (we get the job done!) and History has it eyes on you (I actually really love John Legend´s version of it!).

The Smiths

I have been listening to their music 24/7 for about a week now. Please just go and listen to all of their albums right now.

Random bookish things


My Bubble and Geek products

As some of you maybe already now I´m a rep (I get products from them in exchange for promoting their company and taking picture of their amazing product´s) for Bubble and Geek (click here to visit their website) over on my bookstagram account @thelittlebooknerdy. So I received my rep package from them earlier this month and I´ve absolutely (and I´m not only saying this because I´m a rep for them) been loving everything I received. I specially love their “Butterscotch Brew” lip balm that smells exactly like you would imagine Butterbeer to smell (so I can now close my eyes and pretend that I´m sitting in Hogsmead and drinking Butterbeer) and the “Talking teapot” candle and soap that has a comforting blend of aromatic Earl Grey tea leaves, floral white tea, and warm ginger, it smells so natural and realistic and exactly like a cup of warm tea (so now I can make my whole room smell like tea which is a dream come true). If you´re interested in ordering anything from Bubble and Geek by yourself, don´t forget to use my discount code TLBN10 for 10% off on any orders over 20$

Bookstagram accounts

Here are some bookstagram accounts that I´ve been obsessed with during the month of April, I really recommend you to check out their accounts because every single on of them takes absolutely gorgeous pictures!

@neverwordless – She has a beautiful brown, white and black theme with lots of pretty pictures of architecture and coffee (and books of course!). If you love Alan Ginsberg´s poetry, coffee and vintage stuff, then this is the perfect bookstagram account for you to follow. Her pictures always makes me want to visit cute coffee shops, read more classics and write poetry.

@farienight – Her pictures are always so beautiful and she writes the most amazing poetry. Her account is perfect for you if you are interested in flower pictures, spring vibes, great books and beautiful poetry.

@thebookwormofnotredame – Clara takes the most beautiful pictures of books and the streets of Paris. Her account is really unique and beautiful and I really want to go back to Paris after seeing her pictures. She´s also such a nice and smart person.

@adragonslair– Checking Chloe´s account is like walking straight into a fairytale. She has a beautiful green and brown feed with lots of forest pictures. She´s also a very talented writer and gives the best book recommendations.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and feel free to leave a comment down below about your April favorites!


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