When 4 book lovers met each other

Hello everyone! This post isn´t truly bookish really but I decided to post it anyway since I really like to read these kind of blog posts by myself.

As many of you probably already know, I have a bookstagram account called @thelittlebooknerdy and a little time ago, after talking to each other through instagram for a little while, me and three other lovely bookstagrammers decided that it would be really fun to meet each other in real life. And since we don´t live too far from each other, we soon decided a day to meet each other.

So two days ago, at 13 p.m, me, Tilda, (who has the book blog Tildareads and the bookstagram account @tildareads) Anne Sofie (Siamybooks and @siamybooks) and Fiona (Bookwormwholived and @bookwormwholived) met each other outside one of the malls in the city where we had decided to meet each other. The others had arrived a little bit earlier than me and waited outside the mall when we arrived. And although we hadn´t met each other before, (or Tilda and Fiona had but not the rest of us) we started talking with each other immediately and they were all such wonderful and nice persons.

We decided to visit some stores inside the mall and started with a bookstore where we looked at some books and I decided to buy a copy of Rebel of the Sands. After that, we went to Søstrene Grene  and Anne Sofie bought a lot of washi tape (she loves washi tape, okay) and I bought some tea (because we all know how obsessed I´m with tea).  We also went to a jewelry store where Tilda and Fiona bought earrings as well as a couple of clothing stores.


Photo of Tilda and Fiona wandering around the streets

When we were done in the mall, we wondered around a little bit in the streets until we found a nice cafe to eat lunch at.

We found a really nice a cafe and bought some food and a cup of coffee each. And then we just sat there and talked, long after we had finished eating our food and until the coffee was since long finished. We talked about our favorite books, being a bookstagrammer, photography and everything else.

After that, we didn´t have much time left until Tilda, Fiona and Anne Sofie´s trains would leave so we just took some pictures really quick before we sadly had to say goodbye to each other.

However, we had a really great time and I can´t wait to meet these girls again.

                                Here are some of the pictures that I took:


Tilda´s pretty outfit and a pretty book (of course there´s a book in the picture)


A pretty building


A picture that I took of my coffee and my book at the cafe


2 thoughts on “When 4 book lovers met each other

  1. Eva says:

    Oh my gosh I love your story! So sweet and fairtytale-like it almost makes me jealous 😀 (Since I am from a small country called Slovakia in the middle of Europe where I have been- unfortunately- living all my life and haven´t met a single person that I could talk about books with. Or at least about YA fantasy which is basically my life. :D) And it´s just so amazing that books and stories can connect people in such a beautiful way and create friendships that will (hopefully) last for a very long time (I sincerely wish you that). So thank you for this diary-like article, it made me smile.. 🙂 And your website is just goals!! :O (as well as your bookish friends´) ❤


    • aninkworld says:

      Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me❤ Yes, it’s really amazing that books can connect people from around the world in such a beautiful way. I hope you’ll find friends who shares your love for YA fantasy one day!


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