Bookish traveling-London

Hello guys! I visited London this weekend (which was absolutely amazing by the way) and as the true booknerd I´m, I obviously made some bookish sightseeing. So i thought it would be fun to make a blog post about them. I choose to only include bookish stuff in this blog post since this is a book blog. So without further ado, let´s get started!

The Warner Bros Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter

IMG_6199As the big Potterhead I´m, I obviously  couldn´t go to London without visiting The Making of Harry potter. It was my second time there, and let me tell you; it was even more amazing then the first time I was there. The atmosphere is just amazing, everyone is so happy and nice and are walking around with smiles in their faces. And it feels so magical and special to wander around at the place where Emma, Daniel and Rupert grew up. And which potterhead wouldn´t cry a little if they stood in front of The Hogwarts Express or The Great Hall?

Used bookstore visiting

As many of you probably already know, (at least if you´re follIMG_6243owing my instagram, @thelittlebooknerdy) I really like old books. So walking into this used bookstore was honestly a dream come try. There were thousands of books stacked on shelves higher than me. And the books were really were really cheap as well, only about 1-2 pound each.

I found a really pretty penguin edition of Lord Arthur Saville´s Crime by Oscar Wild that I bought and I can´t wait to read it!

 Afternoon Tea

IMG_6254Yes, I know: Tea is technically not bookish but I really, REALLY love tea so I couldn´t resist to include it in this blog post. Honestly guys; you need to drink afternoon tea if you visit the UK, it´s amazing.


IMG_6369I obviously went to Waterstones as well and I absolutely loved it, (although Strand bookstore still is my favorite bookstore) it was so big and there was a café and they had a lot of books and bookish merchandise. I bought some books that I´m really excited to read as well as a Jane Austen mug.

And that´s it! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and feel free to comment if you would like more blog posts like this one in the future! ❤


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