Interview with a fellow booknerd

Hello guys! I know that i haven´t posted anything here for a little while but I haven´t really had the time or the motivation. If you want more of me talking about books you can always follow my bookstagram, @thelittlebooknerdy where I post daily

Anyway, for this blog post, me and the wonderful Tilda, who runs the book blog Tildareads and the bookstagram account @tildareads decided to do a “collab” kind of thing. She´s literally one of the kindest and most talented people I´ve met here so I really recommend you to check out her blog and bookstagram. So I have interviewed her about her favorite books, book blogging and the life as a booklover. If you want to read her interview with me, you can find it here.

Please note that all photos that I use in this post are from Tildas instagram.


Here´s the interview with Tilda:


How do you find inspiration for your blog posts and Bookstagram photos?

Blog posts usually come quite naturally, which might be hard to believe considering how little I post on my blog in comparison to bookstagram. I usually just have a lot to say about books and I love writing reviews so if I don’t have anything else to write about I’ll just review the last book I finished. Bookstagram is much more tricky as I can’t just make something up. I do however love to scroll through my favorite accounts when I need inspiration, or I try to catch the “feel” of a book in a photograph.


I can relate to that.  What are some of your bookish obsessions at the moment?

Well, ever since I read Six of Crows back in January that has been my biggest obsession. That’s not changing anytime soon. I’m also close to finishing A Darker Shade of Magic, and Lila Bard will probably (read: definitely) become a big obsession too.

What’s your favorite genre on books?

That’s so tricky, because I love to read different things depending on my mood. I guess I could say young adult because there are many genres within it? It’s cheating but I really can’t choose.


If you were stuck on a desert island and only could take three books with you, what books would you choose?

I’ll Give you the Sun is given, because it’s my favorite book and I don’t think I’d tire of it very quickly. I could also read only Jude’s story or only Noah’s story to mix things up.

Pride and Prejudice is another one I don’t think I’d tire of and I really loved it when I read it, so probably that too. Or, even better, can I take one of those fancy collector’s editions with all Austen’s books in one. That’d be great.

Now comes the agony of choosing which of SoC or TRC to pick. I guess I’ll take something from The Raven Cycle as that’s been my favorite series for the longest. Maybe The Dream Thieves, because Ronan is my favorite character.


I love all of the books you mentioned so I can absolutely understand your decision. What’s the best respectively the worst thing with being a book lover?
The best thing is definitely the ability to completely lose myself in a fictional world whenever I need to escape this one. (And that some people think I’m more intellegent for reading? Wow that’s sad.) It’s also given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people through online book communities which I’m forever grateful for. The worst thing might be when I start crying in public because something horrible happened in my book. Or the hollow feeling in my chest when I finish an amazing series. It’s all worth it though.



What popular book didn’t you enjoyed at all?
Okay so this isn’t a super popular book, but I despised Vampire Academy. I literally couldn’t stand the main character and it was such a pain to read. Definitely the longest and angriest review I’ve ever written, hahah.

What’s your biggest bookish pet peeves?

Girl hate, probably. I think it’s such an unnecessary addition to a story and I think it’s extremely overused and basically just a lazy plot device. Yikes. I also dislike when they change the height (OR COVER) of a book midway through a series.  


It´s so annoying when they change the height or cover in the middle of a book series! Who’s your fictional boyfriend/girlfriend?
Oh dear where do I start. The most recent addition is definitely Lila Bard. I also really love Kaz and Ginny and a bunch of others.


What is the best thing with bookstagramming/book blogging?

The best thing about blogging is that I can just express my love for books in words, no shame whatsoever. Like I said, I really enjoy writing, especially about books so it’s just amazing. Bookstagram is great because I love books and I love photography which makes it a perfect match. I’ve also met some of the greatest people I know on there and everyone are just so nice. I love it!


Thank you so much Tilda for being a part of this blog post! Comment down below what you guys thought about this interview and if you would like to see similar things in the future!




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