Article Three, review



This is a review of Article Three (or Tredje Principen as it´s called in Swedish), I was lucky enough to be send a review copy from the author for a honest review. I read the book in Swedish (since it´s a Swedish book) but it´s also available in English now.

Title: Article Three

Author: Anna Jakobsson Lund


A big war has destroyed big parts of the world and there´s just ruins left of many once big citys. The System governs everything, they force you to talk their language, they won´t let you have a religion and they can control everything.

Ava’s a rebel – one who can control other people’s thoughts with her mind. As part of a resistance movement preparing for war, this is a useful skill.

Levi stopped believing in the struggle for freedom when it snatched his parents from him. Now he’s just trying to live a quiet life and control the voices threatening his sanity.

One night Levi’s sister is arrested. To free her, he has to break old promises and become involved with people he swore he’d never associate with. Ava’s ordered to help him and, together, they leave on a rescue mission. She says he has to trust the rebels, but Levi is not so sure.

To their help, they have Leymah, a girl who can read other people´s thoughts. Against them, they have the System.

But who can they trust? Who´s their friends and who´s the enemy?



This is probably the best dystopian book that I have read during this year. I couldn´t put it down!

The world building is amazing, I almost believed that everything in the book was real just because the world building was so good! It´s set in the future and a war have destroyed big parts of the world, internet is just a tale and there´s no flying cars. It´s not the future we dream about but it feels much more real.

And the writing! I personally loved it so much! Here´s a special quote from the book that I loved really much:

“But once it cracks, it´s hard to stay with reality. It all blends together, like stirring paintbrushes in a glass of water. In the end, there are no colors left, just a grey-brown mess.”

And then there´s this thing that there not just are “the good guys” who´s heroes and does everything right and the “bad guys” who´s all bad and who have hearts of stone. No, it´s much more like reality: you don´t know who is bad and who is good.

I also really love the characters, they are komplex and real. They get mad, they have chewed nails and they get sweaty. But they also laugh and smile sometimes. Like real people does.

The only thing I could ask for is chapters written in Leymahs perspective but hopefully we will get that in future books!

I normally don´t read Swedish YA-books because I feel like there aren´t very many good ones but this one was truly amazing!

And there´s no stereotypical characters, love triangles or other typical ya clichés. Instead, there´s diversity (although it isn´t  the main topic in the book) and believable characters.

I could keep talking about how good this book is for hours but I won´t do that. What I´m trying to say with this review is: ARTICLE THREE IS AMAZING, GO AND BUY IT AND READ IT AND DISCUSS IT WITH ME!

★★★★★ 5/5 Stars!


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