How to find more time for reading

We all have much to do sometimes. But how do you find time for reading when your schedule is full? I have some tricks.

1. Pretend you´re sick so you can stay home from school/work and read. Who cares about school and work?! Books are so much more inportant!

2. Don´t sleep. Why sleep when you can stay up all night reading?

3. Don´t waste time on unnecessary book blogs like this one. Read your books instead!

4. Don´t have a life! This is probably the most important one, JUST READ ALL THE TIME, EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST WASTING YOUR TIME!!!

JOKING!!!! Well, you can listen to these advices if you want to but I have some safer ones too!

1. Bring a book with you everywhere. To school, on the bus, to the supermarket or to the family gathering, you never know when you will find time to read a few pages! This is something that helps me a lot if I want more time to read, I read in the car, when I´m walking home from the bus, between classes. I maybe only read 5 pages each time but it´s still worth it!

2. Only read books that you truly enjoy. Don´t force yourself to finish books if you don´t like them. You read because you love it, right? So why force yourself to read a book you don´t like? Also, if you don´t like the book you probably read a lot slower.

3. Audio books. Audio books are the perfect solution if you have really much to do and can´t find the time to sit down and read. Do you need to clean your room? Or buy food? Listen to an audio book at the same time!

And that´s it! What are your best tricks when you want to find more time for reading?


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