Fictional friends

Fictional friends

Hello, it´s Friday again! Which means a new post!
When you have read a book, have you ever though about a character from another book that you think could be a good friend to the characters in the book you are reading? I have.
Violet, Lennie and Hazel: I just think they could be really good friends. All three of them likes books, Lennie and Violet likes writing, all of them have gone through hard things and their personalites is quite similar
The Commendant (from An Ember in the Ashes) and the King of Adarlan: Okay, I don´t really think they would be ”friends” since I don´t think neither of them really has friends. But maybe allies?

Jacob and Harry Potter: I don´t really know why but I think they could be really good friends by some reason.
Luna and The mad Hatter: I can imagine them wandering around, drinking tea and talking about things that no one else understands.
Kattnis and Celaena: I just think they would understand each other in a really good way. And not because they both kill people, but because their deeper sides would understand each other and when they both woke up from nightmares in the middle of the night, they would sit together by a window, laughing and drinking hot chocolate.
Which characters from different books do you think would be good friends?


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