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Hello everyone! I know that I haven’t posted anything here for a little while and the thing is that I’ve actually had a lot of time to write blog posts but I’ve been in Italy and I didn’t had any Wi-Fi (except for a few minutes every now and then at cafes and restaurants). So yeah, because of this, I wasn’t able to upload any of the blog posts that I wrote. However, I do have Wi-Fi now and I’ll try to post at least twice a week for the rest of my summer vacation. Okay, I’ll stop ramble now and get to the actual blog post.

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When 4 book lovers met each other

Hello everyone! This post isn´t truly bookish really but I decided to post it anyway since I really like to read these kind of blog posts by myself.

As many of you probably already know, I have a bookstagram account called @thelittlebooknerdy and a little time ago, after talking to each other through instagram for a little while, me and three other lovely bookstagrammers decided that it would be really fun to meet each other in real life. And since we don´t live too far from each other, we soon decided a day to meet each other.

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